How Do I Choose the Right Resistance Band?

What is the right resistance band for you

There are so many things to consider when choosing your bands. Here are just a few things to think about the next time you’re shopping, or if you’re getting bands for the first time!

Material — Most bands are either made up of latex or fabric, and they both have their benefits.

  • Latex: Latex bands offer more stretch - making them better for upper body excercises.
  • Fabric: Fabric bands don't roll up or slide around during your workout - making them ideal for lower body excercises.

Weight — Each band type is either color coded or has a certain thickness to tell what the weight is. This is a great way to gradually work your way up to harder resistance. 

  • Color Coded: Our Mini Loops and Large Loops are color-coded by resistance level. 
    Mini Loops — X-light: Green, Light: Blue, Medium: Yellow, Heavy: Red, X-Heavy: Black
    Large Loops — Yellow: 5 - 15LBS resistance, Red: 10 - 35LBS resistance, Blue: 25 - 50LBS resistance, Purple: 45 - 70LBS resistance
    Fabric Mini Loops — Light: Light Pink, Medium: Medium Pink, Heavy: Dark Pink 
  • Band Thickness: Our Booty Bands each have a different thickness to determine resistance.
    Booty Bands — the smaller the band, the higher resistance. Black: For people weighing 0-125bs, Red/Purple: For people weighing 125lbs - 155lbs, Blue: For people weighing 155lbs - 200lbs

Type — Each band has its purpose. The great thing about resistance bands is you can use them in multiple ways, for multiple reasons. Some work better for certain exercises. 

  • Mini Loop BandsGreat for increasing strength and stability in your lower body (and upper body with certain exercises). 
  • Booty Bands: Can help you stabilize, activate your core, maintain proper form, and get that extra activation and tension in the hips during lifts like squats, hip thrusts and leg extensions.
  • Tube Band with Handles: Great for any exercise that you'd use a dumbbell for, like bicep curls, shoulder extensions, or shoulder presses.
  • Large Loop Bands: Great for bodybuilding, physical therapy and improving athletic performance.

Resistance bands are like any other workout equipment, they each have a purpose and can be used for a variety of reasons. Hopefully, this helps you understand how to choose your bands the next time you shop!