From our own separate journeys, we have personally recognized that physical activity nurtures the mind as well as the body. The Health of the World begins there; with each of us reaching our own wellness potential.

Our resistance bands are used to enhance many workout regimes (Marathon Training, Body Building Training, Sports Training and Therapy) and are used in many HIIT and strength training programs. We source the highest quality to support individuals of all fitness levels in achieving greater well-being.

Resistance bands also serve as a metaphor for the internal fight we all have inside of us and our mission to GIVE BACK.

Hope Fitness Gear was founded on a true commitment to the tiny warriors battling their health. With varying conditions and throughout the United States, our sponsored kids receive a portion of every sale in hopes of helping ease financial burdens from medical related expenses.

Thank you for aligning with us. Thank you for allowing us to be part of your transformation and the transformation of many kids throughout our communities.


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Know someone we can help?

We built our company with a true desire to help the tiny warriors (and their families) battling their health. Nominate a family by filling out the form below.