5 Benefits of Banded Squats
Have you thought about why resistance bands are a good idea?
We’re here to help with that! Here are a few benefits (of many) to using bands while working on your glutes:
  • Increased Core Engagement – Squats with banded resistance force your core to work harder to maintain stability, helping you to build a strong center.
  • Enhanced Range of Motion – Bands provide an accommodating resistance that increases as you reach deeper into the squat, allowing you to move through a fuller range of motion.
  • Improved Glute Activation – Bands force your glutes to work harder to generate power and extend the squat.
  • Balanced Strength – By using your Hope Fitness Bands of various weights, you can make sure that you’re developing balanced strength in both legs.
  • Injury Prevention – Banded squats help to strengthen the muscles and connective tissues around your joints, which can help you to prevent injury.

Long story short, resistance bands are a fantastic way to work out your glutes!